sâmbătă, 6 iunie 2015

Passion for crochet - " CROCHET FOR MY ANGEL "

"Passion for crochet began when my daughter was born . I start doing this great stuff for her and if i seen that other people apreciate this things i start doing for other childrens too. "
This are my Fav words , she start doing this tiny bootees for her daughter.

After this shoes she start doing wonderfull set consisting of booties , vest and headband.
She only inspired from youtube movies, did all this great things only with a crochet :)

The summer come so the perfect dress was this one.

Not so long time passed and Nico start crochet headbands in simple and double crochet with diferent flowers:

New ideas come and if winter come its normal to start crochet different hats for baby girl . Most of models was found on internet , pinterest, most of all are crochet in  simple and double stiches.

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