sâmbătă, 6 iunie 2015

This is for my favorite neighbor

Hey all, im Mary and i do this blog for my favorite neighbor Nico who crochet very nice. She is home mom same as me and have a daughter near my son age.
We know each other from one year  and start this beautifull friendship. She have a Big Talent , she CROCHET. She start for her daughter at start but when other mom seen how beautifull she crochet they start make orders and my super neighbor start working from home.
Its a good work in this 2 years when mom need to stay at home with baby because in Romania we dont have big possibilities with nursery at this time. She have a special Gift because she have alot ideas and she make her work in PERFECT way , even if sometimes orders are a bit hard.
In this blog i will present most of her work because i apreciate it.
I can say thanks for visit and here its her Facebook page CrosetaDragalasa

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